Monday, April 6, 2009

Raleigh, NC: Farmer's Market Restaurant

Located on NC State University's campus, on a Sunday afternoon the Farmer's Market Restaurant attracts hungry college students, church goers, and patrons of the adjacent Farmer's Market. The restaurant prides itself on serving local ingredients like eggs, ham, and potatoes.

The biscuits make the grand entrance onto your table fresh, sometimes a little too hot (never a bad thing), and ready for their delicious demise. Any accessory to their greatness melts immediately and only enhances their flavor. My personal favorite for this occasion is strawberry jam.

The biscuits are a pretty good size-- I would say about four inches in diameter and plenty thick. Your butter knife won't cut. It will lovingly part the dough to reveal a steamy and doughy interior whose life's purpose is to make you salivate. Mission accomplished.

The taste is distinct but definitely excellent. I personally can taste the milk in them, which is probably what puts the dough on the stickier side.

Each party receives a basket of biscuits and hush puppies as an appetizer, though it's more like a prelude to further wonderments.

A Half-baked Idea

We consume carbs mostly in North Carolina capitol city of Raleigh, though our travels have taken us all over the Southeastern U.S. and westwards, throughout the area lovingly dubbed the Bible Belt.

The staple of the Southern meal is the biscuit, and every baker has a different recipe. Our mission? To discover Southern culture and its people through this soft, flaky, melt-in-your mouth masterpiece of baked goods. And, of course, to take pictures of them to share with you.